Do you work in an organization where you have to prepare an excel sheets with different data and you have to present those data to others. May be you are always in a constant fear that your data may be changed or deleted by the viewers. If so then you can do certain things which will allow people to view your files but prevent from formatting excel sheets.

Below are the steps which you can do:

Open your excel sheet. I am using excel 2013.


After entering all the necessary data, click on “Review” tab.



Now click on “Protect sheet“.

Then you will get a dialog box where you can enter the password for protecting your sheet and also you can select what user can do in your sheet.

protectexcelsheet2By default we can see that users are permitted to “select locked cells” and “select unlocked cells

Enter password to protect your sheet and you need to enter it again to confirm the password.

After putting the password you need to save your excel sheet.

Now your excel sheet is protected. If anyone tries to insert data, delete or format data or cells then a message will be displayed that your sheet is protect.


Note that this will prevent viewers from formatting excel sheets but they can delete the whole sheets if they want. So, if you want to prevent viewers from deleting for inserting the sheets then you can protect your workbook so that viewers can’t delete the whole sheet.

Click on “Protect workbook” under “Review” tab.

protectexcelsheet4Now you will get a dialog box where you need to enter password to protect the workbook.

protectexcelsheet5Enter the password and you need to reenter again to confirm it.

After that save your excel workbook. Now viewers can only view the excel file, they can’t delete data, format cell or insert or delete sheets.

If you want to remove protection you just need to click on “Unprotect sheet” and “Protect Workbook” and enter the old password to remove the protection.