Facebook has become so popular that you can use your Facebook account to log into different other sites. Sites such as Pinterest can be logged in with either the username which you have used to sign up for Pinterest or with your Facebook account.


There are times when you feel that you have authorized lots of third-party apps or websites to use your Facebook account. You may be worried about your Facebook account security. In that case you can manually choose which apps or website to allow to use your Facebook account and which one to cancel.

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Click on “settings drop down” button.


3. Click on “settings”.

4. Click on “Apps”.


5. You will see all the apps which have access to your Facebook account.

6. Now hover your mouse over the application whose access to your Facebook account, you want to cancel.


7. When you do so then you can see cancel “x” icon, click on it.

8. Now you have cancelled the application access to your Facebook account