Registry is the database where the settings and configurations for programs are stored. If you install any program then it creates entries in registry. If you want to make any changes in windows then you can do so in registry.

Remember that if you want to make any modification in registry then you need to back up at first because if there is any problem then you can restore your windows registry from backed up file. So, let us start the process.

Backing up the registry

Click on “Start” button.

Type “regedit” which is the short form of registry editor.


Now you will be asked whether you want to run the program, click on “Yes” button.

Click on “File” and then on “Export”.


Now select the location where you want to save the backed up file for registry. Give a name and then click on “Save” button.

Restore the Registry

Click on “File” and then “Import”.


Select the backed up file and then click on “Open”.

Now the registry will be restored.

This is how you can back up or restore registry. Remember to always backup registry before modification.

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