Do you want to backup and restore Windows drivers?

Then you can do it easily with the help of a third-party software called “Driver magician

You can download it from “

You get a free version and a paid version. If you have the paid version then you can have more facility. But for now you can use the free version.

Install and launch Driver back up.

Now it will scan the drivers from your computer and it will show the list of drivers. It will show all the Non-Microsoft drivers as shown in the picture below.

drivemagicianNow you can put a tick mark on the drivers which you want to back up and click on “Start Backup” and then you have to select the location for backing up either C:, D: or any other folder.

drivermagician2Then click on “OK“. Now the backing process starts.

drivermagican3After the backup is finished it will be stored in the selected location in the “Drivers Backup” folder.

You can backup drivers for devices which are already included in Microsoft Windows too.

Just click on “Driver Backup” and then on “Search All Drivers

drivermagician4You can select all the drivers which you want and click on “Start Backup“. But it is not necessary to save the Drives which are already included in Microsoft Windows.

Also the other thing is you can back up the drivers in different formats.

drivermagician5You can save it in “.zip“, “.exe” format.

How to Restore the drivers ?

Launch “Driver magician

Click on “Restore Drivers” on the left side.

drivermagician6You will be informed about the location of the saved driver folder, if you think it is in another folder then you can click on “No” button.

Now select the driver which you want to restore by putting a tick mark in front of the driver.

drivermagician7Now click on “Start Restoration“.

Then the restoration process starts. You will be informed that your computer may not respond during restoration process. After restoration your computer will reboot and your driver will be restored.

This is how you can backup and restore Windows drivers.