Do you want to back up gmail emails automatically everyday?

In this tutorial you will see two ways by which the emails can be backed up.

You can visit to download this software.

After download, install and run the software.

When you install the software you will get a message that “Gmail Keeper” has to start automatically when windows loads to back up the emails automatically. There is no need to do anything for you as the settings will be automatically set.

Now run the “Gmail Keeper” and you will get the following screen.


The first step is to enable “IMAP access” in your Gmail settings. IMAP stands for “Internet Message Access Protocol” where emails are stored in the remote server. When you access your emails with the help of web-mails like “Gmail“, “Yahoo” the emails are accessed from the server and no need to download in your PC.

Open your “Gmail” account and click on “settings” icon gmail2on the right corner.


From the menu displayed click on “Settings“. Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab at the top.


You can see “Status:IMAP is enable” label. From there select “Enable IMAP” radio button.

Scroll down and click on “Save Changes” button.

Now again go to “Gmail Keeper“.


Click on “Add to Profile” button. Enter the name for the profile. You can type your own name.


Enter your Gmail address and the password.

Now click on “Refresh list from server” and you will get a box like below.


On the left is “Mailbox Name” and on the right “Mailbox type“.

Click on the drop-down button of mailbox type and you will see the list of the mailbox type.

Select which mailbox type you want to back up e.g All Mail which backups all type of folder like inbox, spam, trash etc or select which folder you want to back up.

For example I will select “Inbox“. Click on “OK“.

gmailkeeper6If you get any dialog box for confirmation click on “OK“.


Now you have different settings which you can use.

From what to “Backup options”, you can again select whether you want to back up all the emails, only inbox, sent mails etc.

You can back up emails by date range. You can specify the size of emails to back up e.g greater than 2MB, 3MB etc.

You can password protect the backed-up folder.

You can also schedule the timing for the backup, either daily, weekly, monthly. After making all the settings click on “OK“. Now you will get a congratulation message that you have created a backup profile and asks you whether you want to back up.

gmailkeeper8Click on “OK” to back up the emails.

Now the backup restarts and you will get a message when it is finished.

How to restore backup emails ?

Now comes the process of restoring the email.

Open “Gmail Keeper“.

Select the profile for which you want to restore the email.


Note:- More than one profile is created when you add one more than one gmail account to backup the email.

Click on “Restore” button. You need to enter the email address and password for the profile.


Click on “Start Restore” button.

If you have put password for you back up folder, then you need to enter the same password for restoring.

The second method is by using email client such as |”Microsoft Outlook“, ” Thunderbird” to backup the files. You will receive emails in these email clients where they will be downloaded and stored.

At first log into your Gmail account and click on “Settings” icon on the right corner as mentioned above.


Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP“.

Under “Status POP is enabled“,you have two options. Either you can enable POP for all the emails that has already been downloaded or enable POP for email that arrives from now on. It means that you can download either all the previously received emails. (Note that there is a time set from which date the emails can be downloaded as in the figure above you can download emails that has arrived since 1/6/13. Or else you have the other option, to download emails from the date when you make these settings.  Select which ever you like and click on “Save changes“.

Now you need to set up your Gmail account in Outlook to download and Save files. If you are using older versions of Outlook then you need to click on “Tools ” and then “Account” for adding an email account. I am using Outlook 2013.

Click on “File“.


 Click on “Add Account“.


Now enter the details. Your name, Gmail account and it’s password.

If you want to manually setup the account, you can select “Manual setup or additional server types”. If you want to set up the Gmail account automatically then click on “Next” button.


 The process of configuring your Gmail account in Outlook starts and once it is finished then a message is displayed that the account is successfully configured in Outlook.


Click on “Finish” button.

Now the emails from your Gmail account is downloaded and saved in Outlook.

The next time whenever you receive in email in your Gmail account, it is automatically downloaded and saved in Outlook express.

This is how you backup gmail emails.