Are you tired and frustrated with nonsense comments on YouTube videos? Then you can hold and block annoying or abusive comments for your YouTube videos?

Comments are great way of showing appreciation to the video uploader. Also if there is any shortcomings in the video then we can inform the uploader about it so that they can improve the quality of their video. But it should done in a proper way so that the others don’t get offended. When a person loads a tutorial video then he or she is trying to help others. So, appreciate their efforts.

But in the real word your video not only gets good response but it may be bombarded by abusive comments for YouTube users. So, if you want to prevent it from being published then you can make some settings in your YouTube account. Either you can make your video private so that no one can comment to it, which of course we don’t want. Or else we can apply certain filters so that the annoying or abusive comments gets hold for review before being published publicly.

At first log into your YouTube account.

Then click on your channel icon which is located on the upper right corner.

youtubecommentNow click on “video manger” link which appears.


Then click on “Community” link on the left side and then again click on “Comment settings” and you will get the following box.


You will see a label called “Blacklist“. On the right side you will see a box where you can put certain words to filters the comments. If you put words which you find abusive like “stupid“, “WTF” then if someone comments on your YouTube videos then it won’t be posted. It will be hold for review and until you won’t approve, it won’t be posted.

Go to “community” link as shown in the Figure 2 and then click on “comments” link.

youtubecomment4You can see three tabs on the right side “Published“, “Pending” and “Marked as Spam“. Under “Pending” you will see the comment which is held for review. Now you have the flexibility for Approving or removing the comment.

This is how you can block annoying or abusive comments for your YouTube videos.