Are you continuously receiving unwanted calls and messages in your iPhone ? Perhaps someone is trying to make a hell out of your life by intentionally giving you miscall or sending you nonsense message. Now you can block unwanted calls or messages from a particular number in very few simple steps.

Go the iPhone main screen.


Now press “Dial” icon.

Press “Recent” icon and you will get the following window.


Now press the “i” icon on the right side of the number which you want to block.

iPhoneAt the bottom you will see an option to block the number, Press “Block this Caller“.

Now you will see a message stating that you won’t be able to receive calls, message from this number.


Press “Block Contact‘.

iPhoneNow the contact will be blocked.

If the contact whom you have blocked tries to call you then he / she will see a message that the number is busy and if they try to send you a message you wont receive it.

If you want to unblock the contact, Simply Press “Unblock this caller“.

This is how you can block unwanted calls from a person.