Your website is like a brand of a company. It’s a well known fact that to establish a brand is a difficult process. If you are lucky than you may be able to establish the value of your brand within a short period of time but sometimes it may take years for you to establish the credibility of your brand. Similar is the case for a website or a blog. In most cases almost all of the blogs or websites takes years to establish itself among the readers.

Below is my opinion about How to establish the credibility of your blog or your website?

1. Backlinks:- Many times we have bought a good or we have watched a movie because someone referred to us about it. Same haapens in this case also. If your blog is featured in highly popular website then you will develop a backlink. People will trust you and visit your blog or a website. But this process is not simple. This needs to fulfill certain criteria and your content should be highly useful and unique. But the advantage of this method is your blog will get noticed within a short period of time. People also pay a lot of money to buy backlinks from other websites. But if you are going to use adsense services then the method of getting backlinks by paying money will not work. Google doesn’t accept this kind of backilinks and your website will be penalized.
2. Quality Content:- The next method on which most of us rely is the Quality Content. This will top everything. Even for getting backlinks you must have Quality content. No one want to refer to your website if you don’t have Quality content.
So what kind of content is quality content.
Those contents which are problem solving, informative, which update people about current happening in particular field or entertaining is quality content. Remember that the content should be original or at least it should include your opinion if not original.

If you are the first to write about any product review or any services then also your blog will be featured on the top. But this is quite hard as you may not have resources for that. So keep hardworking, write good articles and wait patiently.