In this tutorial we will see how to bypass Windows 8 lock screen password i.e we don’t need to enter password every time when we run the computer. This will help to load Windows 8 faster in your computer.

Whenever you install Windows 8 then you need to enter a password for the administrator you have created. This will protect unauthorized user from logging into your computer.

Go to the start screen by pressing “Windows” button on the keyboard.


Click on “Search” icon on the upper right corner.

Type the term “netplwiz” in the search box.


You will see the term below the search box. 

Click on it.



Now select the administrator for which you want to bypass the password.

Now remove the tick mark from the check-box “User must enter a username and password to use this computer“.

Then click on “Apply” button.



Now you will have to enter the password for the administrator and confirm password by entering the password for the second time.

Then click on “OK” button.

Now when you start the computer you don’t need to enter the password for the administrator. This prevents you from entering the password every time when you start the computer.