Are you bored with Windows 7 default lock screen? Then you can customize as you want.

You can use a program called “Logon Studio” from “

Now install the software and run it. The interface looks as below.


Now you can select any picture and click on “Apply“. Then the lock screen will be changed.

How to download more picture that you can use to change the lock screen background  in windows 7 ?

If you want to download more skins for the Lock screen then you can visit this site “


Click on the skin which you want to download and then download it. You will get different sizes of the wallpaper.

Now go to “Logon Studio” and click on “Create” on the left side. You will get the following screen.

logonstudio3Now enter a name for the Logon screen in the name text box and enter the name of the author.

Now click on “Browse” button and select the picture which you want to make as a lock screen and click on “open


Then click on “Save” button. Now you have just downloaded picture and is ready to use as a lock screen.

If you want to download any picture then you can select the picture and click on “delete” button.

This is how to change the lock screen background  in windows 7.