Do you want to change the wordpress header logo then follow the below mentioned steps.

Remember that the process depends on the theme you have selected.

  • Go to Appearnce and then to the theme options. In my case it is “Freshlife theme options“, since I have installed Freshlife theme.


  • You can see a “logo” title and there is an option to upload logo image from the computer or the media library.
  • Click on “upload image” button. You will see the following window.


  • You can upload images either from the Computer, URL or from the media library. (Media library is the collection of images in the worpress image folder which is already uploaded.)
  • If you want to upload images from the computer select “From computer” tab which is selected by default and click on “Select Files” button.
  • Now you will get “Open dialog box” where you can browse the location of the image and after selecting the image click on “Open
  • After the image is opened you will get the following screen


  • Now you can see different options here. You can give the name for the “alternative text” to the image which appears if the image is not loaded. You can set the alignment for the image i.e left, center, right. You can select the size of the image. After doing all this Click on “Insert into Post” button and click on “Save all changes

Now you refresh you wordpress blog and you can see the new header logo for your wordpress blog.