Google Adsense is the primary source of income for many bloggers and sites. It is easy to set up and install in your website. You can include three ads whether Text or Text / Image ads and three links in your website.

Although it is easy to set up but there are certain guidelines which needs to be followed and if you won’t then in that case your site has violated Google Adsense Policy and it gets banned.

So How to know if your site has violated Google Adsense Policy ?

Go to and log into your account.

Then click on settings icon on the right side of the screen.

adsense2adsense2adsense1Now click on “Status

adsense2adsense2adsense2adsense2adsense2Click on “Policy Violations

Now if your site has not violated any policy you can see the message and your site shouldn’t be banned from Google adsense.  And if it has violated then you will be informed about it.

Now the next thing you can do is to go to this website “

Then enter the url for your blog or your site and then click on submit.

You will get a message if your site is banned or not.







That’s it in this you will be able to find out if your site has violated Google Adsense policy.

What to do if your site has really violated Adsense policy ?

If your site has violated adsense policy then either your site will be totally banned from Adsense or else you will be given instruction to make changes. In that you can make changes in your site to avoid violation and file an appeal as stating what you have done to correct your problem. Your site will be reviewed and if it is accepted you will be able to see the Google Ads again.