Check out Who is using your wireless network

At first you want to know which devices are connected to Wi-Fi.For that  you must find out the MAC address of your devices at first.

What is a MAC address?

A MAC address is the abbreviated form of media access control address which is a unique number associated to the network interface card. e.g:- 14:7D:c5:41:81:B5

How to find out MAC address of the devices?

For finding out the MAC address of a Network Interface Card (NIC) card of a computer follow the steps below:

Press Windows button and R on the keyboard together. Then the “Run” dialog box opens up. Type “cmd

Then type” ipconfig/all” after” C:” prompt

Now look for Wireless LAN adapter or Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection whichever you have used for connecting to your internet.

Then look for physical address and check the unique MAC address on the right side.


For finding out the MAC address of Samsung galaxy phones

Select “Apps” from the home screen.

Go to “Settings” and press “About device


Then press “Status


Now scroll down and check the MAC address under “Wi-Fi Mac address


For finding the mac address of Nokia phone

Dial the following code


For finding the mac address of iphone

Select Settings -> General -> About.

Scroll down that screen

You’ll see a setting called “Wi-Fi Address”

That is your iPhone MAC address.



How to know if your Wi-Fi is hacked?

Once you have found out out the MAC address of all the devices then you need to know what devices are connected to your computer.

Download “Wireless Network Watcher” .

Google it and you will get may results for it. You can download it from cnet.com


Install it and run it.


You can see the devices connected to your Wi-Fi. Check whether  the MAC address connected to the Wi-Fi belongs to your devices. If not then your Wi-Fi is hacked and someone else is using.

What to do when you know your Wi-Fi is hacked?

The easiest thing way to do is to prevent your router to broadcast the network name (SSID) so that hackers can’t find your Wi-Fi and hack it. SSID is the name for your Wi-Fi network.

The other thing you can do is to change the Wi-Fi password.

How to change the Wi-Fi address in Linksys router?

Go to the Address bar of the browser and type the ip address of the router.

For linksys router it is and for other routers you can google it.

Once you type the address of the linksys router you will get the following screen to put the user name and address.

linksyschanne1Type the username and password and press “Log in” button.

You will get the following screen.


In the “Passphrase” box change the Wi-Fi password.

Check “Top 6 tips for creating secure passwords”

How to disable the SSID of a network?

After you enter the user name and password for the router, go to “Wireless” and then to “Basic Wireless settings


Select the radio button “Disabled” for SSID broadcast.

This is how you can check who is using your wireless network and  prevent your Wi-Fi from being hacked.