The requirement for you to connect to a wireless network, at first, is to get internet from your Internet Service Provider. You should have a Wireless router to transmit the signal. Once you have these things got set up then you can begin the process of connecting to a wireless internet.

Your computer should have an inbuilt Wireless networking card if not you get a WiFi dongle.

connect to a wireles network

Then you click on the wireless internet icon on the bottom lower corner of the screen.

wireless icon

You will get a list of available wireless and you should be able to see yours own.

connec to a wifi

Click on your WiFi name and you will get a box with label “Connect Automatically”.

connect to a wifi

This will help you to log on to your WiFi network automatically when you restart the computer otherwise you need to put the password every time when you connect to your WiFi.

Put a tick mark and click on “Connect”.

Now you need to enter the password for your WiFi.


Now you should be able to connect to your WiFi network.