Do you want to share files between two computers only whether it may be at work or at your home? If it is you can connect two computers together using a LAN cable only.

For this insert a LAN cable to the LAN ports of two computers.

Now go to “Control Panel” and click on “Network and Sharing Center


Now you should see the following screen.

networkandsharing2You should see “Local Area Connection” and click on it.

networkandsharing3Now click on “Properties” tab.

networkandsharing4Now put a tick mark on the check box in front of “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” and click on “Properties” tab.

networkandsharing5Now put select the radio button in front of “Use the following IP address” and put the address for your computer.

A computer doesn’t understand the name so you need to give an address. You can give any address like “

You can put any number as the last digit except “1”. For subnet mask it automatically appears “

For another computer you have to repeat the same process as above and give the ip address different e.g ““.

Now your computers are connected.

Now you can share any folder from any computer.

Example I want to share “D:” drive of this computer.

I will open “My Computer” icon from the desktop.

Right click on “D:” drive.

networkandsharing6Click on “Properties

networkandsharing7Click on “Sharing” tab and then on “Advanced Sharing” tab.

networkandsharing8Now click on “Apply” and “OK“.

Now your “D :” drive is shared.

This is how you connect two computers together using a LAN cable.


How to access shared folder or drive?

Double click on “My computer” icon on the desktop.


Now from the left side click on “Network” icon. You will see all the shared computers.

networkandsharing10In my case I have connected my computer to another computer named “KUNDANDAMAK“.

I can open “Kundandamak” to view the shared files, folders or drive from the other computer.

networkandsharing11The other way by which you can access the shared files or folders from another computer is  by the following way.

Click on “Start” button and in the search box type the address of the other computer.

networkandsharing12Two back slashes and the name of the other computer OR


Two backslash and the IP address of the computer.