Every one of us downloads software from the internet, whether it may a utility software or an application for different other purpose. But do all of us install it correctly? I have downloading software from the internet and using it for the last many years and based on the experience I have learn a very simple rule which helps you to install it in the right way.

What do most of the free software from the internet have?

Most of the free software downloaded from the internet have other trail software or promotional software hidden and when you install a software then the other promotional software also gets installed and you may be having different tool bars or software which pops up or loads while loading windows and makes your computer slow.

How should you install the free software?

Below I am showing an example where I am installing a software Freemake Video converter

Fig 1.


Click on “Run

Fig 2


Again click on “Run

Fig 3


Select the language and click on “OK

Fig 4


Click on “Next

Fig 5

Whenever you get an option for installing a software as “Express” (recommended)” or “Custom installation”, as above look for custom installation. If you select “Express” installation then all the promotional toolbar and trail software will be installed.

But if you select the “Custom installation” then you can remove the selections. Eg. In the above figure you can remove the “Delta toolbar”, “Delta search engine
This is how you can correctly install downloaded software  from the internet and prevent from installing the trail software so that your computer can run faster.