Are you afraid of your online security while browsing internet? While you are surfing you may need to enter your email address or other information before continuing to visit a particular website.

Then here is a simple solution. We can create a disposable email address and protect yourself from getting spammed.

You can use a Firefox or Google Chrome add-on named “MaskMe” to create a fake address.

Go to ““.

Search an add-ons “MaskMe“.

Then you will get the add-ons for “Firefox” and “Google Chrome.”

Install it.

Now open a website where you need to enter your details like email id, or phone number.

When you enter the details then you will get the option to mask your email address as shown below.

maskmeWhen you mask your email address, then a fake email id is generated as shown below.


Now the fake email id is submitted to the website and you will be protected from spammers.