What is a Facebook fan page ?

It is a page which is created for your business, company, public figure, artists or your brand.

Why do you create a Facebook fan page?

It is created for sharing your ideas, postsĀ  and getting connected with the fans. Fans can like and follow your page.

How to create a Facebook Fan page?

  • First log on to your Facebook account.
  • Then scroll down to the end of the page and click on “Create page” or click on “Settings” andĀ  click on “Advertise“. You will get the following screen.


  • Click on “Create a Page” from step 1 and you will get the following screen.


  • Now select the type of page you want to create for local business, organization, artist, band etc and click on it.
  • facebookfanpage3I have selected to create a fan page for a company. Now choose a category for the page whether the page is about education, business, computer etc. and type the name .
  • After that put a tick mark on the check box left to the “I agree to Facebook Page Terms” and conditions and then click on “Get Started” button.
  • Now you will get the following screen.
  • facebookfanpage4Now you need to fill up the necessary details for your fan page. In the “About” area you can describe about your page. Then you can also upload profile pictures for your Facebook fan page. Note that your profile pic should be 180 px wide and 180 px in height.
  • After you fill all the details your Facebook fan page is created and you will get the page like below.


  • After you create a fan page you can change or Add Profile Picture. Also you can add a cover photo. Remember that the profile picture should be 180 px wide and 180px tall. For cover photo it should be 851 px wide and 315 px tall.
  • After you add profile pic and cover photo it may look like the screen below.


  • After you create Facebook fan page you can invite your friends to like it. You can see “Invite” button next to the list of Facebook friend. Just click it to invite them.
  • This is how you create a Facebook fan page