What is a favicon ?

It is a small icon file a picture of 16 x 16 pixel size which is placed on the left side of the URL tab above the address bar.

faviconlogoIt was first supported by Internet Explorer 5 developed by Microsoft in March 1999.

How to create a Favicon in Photoshop ?

At first you need download and install “ico plugin” for Photoshop. You can go this website to download the ico plugins for both Windows or Mac.

Download ico plugin

Download the correct one which version of windows and which version of Photoshop. Now after downloading this you get the zipped file. Unzip it and you will get the following files according to the versions 32 bit or 64 bit.




Now go to “Program files” and go to “Adobe” folder.

Now go to “Adobe Photoshop CS” and go to “Plug-ins” folder and now paste” ICOFormat” file.

Now restart Photoshop and create a new layer of size “16 x 16 pixel

Now create your favicon and save it as “.ico” format.

How to upload favicon for your WordPress blog?

Now you can upload favicon in two ways. Most of your theme may have options for uploading favicon. Go to “Theme Options” under “Appearance” or you may see separately your theme name on the left side on the dashboard and inside it you will find “Theme settings” or “Theme Options“. Now you may have options to upload the faviocn.

For example “Simple Catch” theme has built in option to upload favicon.


The next way is to use plugins for this purpose. eg. “All In One Favicon

Install and activate it and select and upload the favicon.


You can upload in “gif”, “png” or “ico’ format.

This is how you create a favicon and upload it to your blog.