What is a partition and why do you need to create a new partition?

A partition is diving a hard disk into separate logical divisions as if there are more than one hard disk. There are many reasons for partitioning a disk. Do you have files and folders which are confidential? Do you want to hide it from other users using the same computer? If yes than this guide will provide you to do so it in quick and easy way.

Before in Windows 95, windows 98 we used partition a hard disk using Dos command “Fdisk“. Then we had software to partition a hard drive such as partition magic which made the process simple as it guided us by using wizards. Now with the latest versions of windows such as Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 we can use free inbuilt function in Windows “Disk management” which makes it easier for us to add partition to hard drive. “Disk management” utility included in Windows is the best partition software as per my opinion as it is very easy to use. It not only helps you to create a partition but also let you merge the partitions together to extend the size of a partition.

So, let us start the process. At first let me check how many partitions are there in my computer.

partition a hard disk

I have two partitions in my computer “C:” and “D:” So, I want to create one more partition.

Right click on “Computer” icon on the desktop and click on “Manage”.

partition a hard disk

Now you will get “Computer Management” windows as shown below.

partition a hard disk

Click on “Disk Management”.

partition a hard disk

Now we want to divide “D:” drive into two parts. So, Right click on “D:” drive and select “Shrink Volume”.

Now Windows will start to calculate the amount of space on the drive.

partition a hard drive

The “D:” drive will be divided into two equal parts. If you want to allocate a particular amount of space for the new driver you can do it. Eg. 60:40 ratio, 70:30 ratio.

Then click on “Shrink” button.

After few moments you will see a new hard drive with unallocated space.

partition a hard drive

Now you need to assign a drive letter and format the partition to use it.

Right click on the new partition and click on “New simple volume”.

partition a hard drive

Click on “Next” twice.

Now you need to assign any available drive letter which you want from the drop down menu.

Then click on “Next” button.

partition a hard drive

Leave the file system as “NTFS”, Allocation unit size as “Default”. Type any volume name as you want and put a tick mark on the check box in front of “Perform a quick format”.

At last click on “Next” and then on “Finish” button.

The drive will be formatted and ready to use.

This is how you format and partition a hard drive.