sitemapWhat is a Sitemap?

Sitemap is hierarchy of webpages available in your website. It can be build in XML, HTML or other formats. The most popular being is XML format.

Why sitemap is useful for me?

It lets the search engine find your website while searching and indexing it. According to Google you need sitemap if:

  • Your site is new.
  • If you have dynamic contents.
  • Your site has so many pages and are not linked well together.

How can I build sitemap for my website?

You can create a sitemap yourself by coding. But if you have large number of webpages available in your website then you can use third party software for creating sitemaps. One of them which you can use can be found in this link

Just enter the details as shown in the figure below and you can get the sitemap for your website.



After filling in the details you can create on “Create free XML Sitemap” button and your sitemap starts to be generated.

Once your sitemap is generated you get the following screen.


After your sitemap is created you can also validate it.


Click on “Validate Sitemap” and if your sitemap is fine then you will get a “Passed” message. Now you have your sitemap ready to be submitted to major search engines.