What is a Thumbnail ?

A thumbnail is a small reduced version of a picture.

What is the use of a Thumbnail ?

Thumbnails are used in Websites so that it reduces the bandwidth and helps the website to load faster.

How to create a Thumbnail ?

One way to create a Thumbnail is to open the picture in a photo editing software and reduced the size of the picture and save it. The other easy way to create a Thumbnail is to use a program called “ThumbNailer” which you can download from “http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/ThumbNailer-Download-30219.html“.

There is a trial version and paid version for the software. You can download the trail version and use it for just creating a Thumbnail.

Download and install the software.

After running the software you will get the following screen.

thumbnailerNow you can either select all the images stored in a particular folder or else you can select an individual picture by clicking in an “image file” button.

After you select the image file then you can customize the image according to your need.


You can select the destination for saving the picture. Also you can customize the Output settings. You can also change the “width” and “height” of the picture.

You can set the file type for the output picture file. You can save it in “.png“,”.gif“,”.bmp” any more other formats.


Then click on “Start” button.


Now you will get the thumbnail. This is how you can create a thumbnail for a webpage.