So you want to create a tutorial website on wordpress. Just follow the below steps…

What is difference between creating regular blog and creating a website tutorial?

For me when you create a tutorial website in wordpress then you don’t want to include every tutorial top on the main page as it will mix up with the other blog post. You want to create a separate category and exclude it from the main page of the blog. The next thing you have to is to sort the post in the ascending order.

Below are the two plugins which are very useful for this purpose.

1. Ultimate category excluder:- This plugins helps you to exclude the categories which you don’t want to display on the main page. After installing the plugin go to settings — category exclusion. Below is the screen shot for the plugin




Tick the category which you want to exclude and click on “update” button.

2. Ascending posts plugin:- Normally when you post something in the blog the latest post will appear first (descending order). But when you crate a tutorial website you will be starting from the beginning. So you want the post to appear in the ascending order, oldest at the top. So, this plugin will help you for this purpose.

Install the plugin. Then create a category eg. Wordrpress tutorial. Scroll down you will get a selection box for sorting the post according to the ascending order.


That’s it now you can create a tutorial website on wordpress.