Let me first clarify that we can’t change the yahoo mail id itself. But what we can do is we can create an extra yahoo mail address for the same primary yahoo mail.

Why do we want to create an extra yahoo mail ?

In the first place why do you want to create an extra yahoo mail. May be you are not happy with your current yahoo mail id and you want to change it.

How to create an extra mail ?

First log into your current yahoo mail address and click on the settings icons on the right corner.

yahoo1Now click on “Mail Options“.

yahoo2Now click on “Mail Accounts” on the left side and on the right side click on “Create an extra email address“. Now you will get the following screen.

yahoo3Now on the left side you can enter the new email address and click on “check availability” button or else you will see the recommended ids on the right side, select any one and click on “choose” button.

yahoo4Now you have to enter the CAPTCHA code as shown below.

yahoo5Enter the code and click on “OK” button.

yahoo6You will get a message that your extra email id is created. Click on “Go to inbox“.

Now you are require to sing into your yahoo mail using your primary or original yahoo id and you will get a message that your extra yahoo mail is created and you can use it.

How to use the extra yahoo mail address ?

You can either set the extra yahoo mail address as the default email address or you can choose which email address to send while composing new mail address.

When you click on compose new email address then you can select which address from the “From” drop down box.

yahoo7When you sent an email then which email address you selected that will be displayed in the receiver’s email address.

If you want to make the new email address the default address then go to the “Mail Accounts” as described above.

yahoo8Click on “Yahoo!7 Mail Extra Address” on the right and put a tick mark on the check box in front of “Default sending account” and click on “Save” button on the top.

Now the new yahoo mail will be your default mail address. If you want to log into yahoo mail then you can log into with either original yahoo mail or the new one and the password will be the same.