Why should you create multiple channels in one YouTube account ?

Before doing anything you need to make sure that you have linked your YouTube account to Google Adsense account.

Suppose you want to make videos in different topics such as Computers, Handicrafts, inspiration videos. Before YouTube didn’t have the option to create multiple channels. The only solution was to create a different YouTube account with a different “Gmail” address. But now you are able to do so.

Log on to “https://www.youtube.com
Sign into your YouTube account.

youtubesettingsNow click on the small button on the right of your YouTube profile picture.

Now click on “YouTube settings“.

youtubesettings2Click on “Create a new channel” and you will see the picture below.

youtubechannelNow fill up the details. Be careful while giving a name to your channel because you can’t change the name of your channel later on. After filling up the click on “Done“.

Now your new channel is created and you can upload videos.

Now if you want to monetize your YouTube videos then at first go to the “video manager“.

videomanagerYou will see the following dialog box.

channelsettingClick on “Verify” button button to verify your YouTube channel to get different facilities provide by YouTube.

youtubechannel2Enter the country where you resides and then you will get the option of either getting the verification code either by “SMS” or through “Automated phone call“.

After getting the code verify your channel.

Then the next step is to click on the “Enable” button next to the “Monetization“.

youtbechannel3Now click on “Enable My Account” button and then you will get a dialog box with the terms and conditions. Agree with terms and conditions.

Now go to the list of videos by clicking on “video manager“.

youtubechannel3Now click on drop-down button next to “Edit“.

Select “Info and Settings“.

youtbuechannel4Below the video you will see three tabs “Basic info“, “Monetization” and “Advanced Settings“. After your YouTube channel is linked with Adsense account then only you will see the “Monetization” tab.

Now you choose the “Ad Formats” either “Overlay in-videos ads” and “True view in-stream ads“.

Now click on “Save changes“.

In this way you can create multiple channels in one YouTube account and monetize.