wifiWhy do you need to create shortcut to a webpage?

Imagine that you are browsing the internet and you find webpages which interest you. You want to visit the webpage later on. Then you can do it many ways, you can “book mark the site” or you can “save it” and view it offline or you can “create shortcut” to a webpage.

For bookmarking you need to follow the below steps:-

Whatever browser you are using whether it may internet explorer, Firefox or Google chrome, just press “Ctrl and D” key together then a box pops up and you have to click on “Done” button in case of Firefox and Chrome and “Add” in case of internet explorer. In internet explorer it is stored in “Favorites” menu and in Chrome and Firefox it is stored in “Bookmark” menu.


For saving it to view offline:-

Click on “File” and then on “Save page as” and you can give the name to the Web page or leave as it is. Click on “Save” button. Now the web page is saved.


Create shortcut to a Webpage

  • Minimize the browser windows so that you can see the desktop.
  • Click on a small icon in front of the website address in the address bar.
  • Drag and release it on the desktop.
  • Now the shortcut for the webpage is created on the desktop.


That’s it.

” Remember that when you bookmark and create a short to a webpage page you need the internet connection to view it but if you have saved the webpage then you can view it offline also.”