Are you bored with the default Command prompt window which has a black background color and white font? You can customize command prompt window to make it more interesting. Follow the below steps for it.

Click on “Start” button.

Type “Cmd” in search box and press “Enter

Now the following dialog box will appear.

commandNow right click on the title bar and click on “Properties“.


Now you will get the following dialog box.

command3 Click on “Font” tab. You have three fonts to select. You can change the size of the font. Also you can make the fonts bold. Then click on “OK“.

Now click on “Layout” tab.

command4Here you can change the command prompt window size and change the location of the command window on the screen. After making necessary selection you can press “OK“.

Now click on “Colors” tab.

command5Here you can change the background color, screen text color etc. After making necessary changes click on “OK”.

Now your screen may look like the below.


The background color of the command prompt window is light green and the screen text is grey.

In this way you can customize command prompt window.