What is Quick Access Toolbar?

It is a small toolbar at the top of the Microsoft Word Window. It contains by default some of the commands which are frequently used.






Why to customize quick access toolbar ?

Since Microsoft 2007 we have tabbed version of the menu. It may be time-consuming for us to find the most frequently used commands to find inside the tabbed menu. So, instead of going inside each tabbed menu we can have the most frequently used commands in the quick access toolbar.


How to customize quick access toolbar?

On the right side of the Quick access toolbar there is a small drop down menu button, click on it.


You will see some default commands. Click on anyone which you want to display on the quick access toolbar.

Now you will see the command on the quick access toolbar.

If you want to see more commands then click on “More Commands” from the drop down menu. You will see a dialog box as below.

quickaccesstoolbar3Select from the left side which command you want to show on the quick access toolbar and click on “Add” button.

If you want to remove any command from the quick access toolbar then select from the right side and click on “Remove” button.

At last click on “OK” button.

This is how you can customize quick access toolbar in Microsoft Word.

Same method you can also use for Microsoft Excel.