Customizing profile in WordPress

Why should you customize your profile in WordPress?

If you want to change the layout color, change the display name or change the password and some other options like these then you need to customize your profile in WordPress.

Customizing your profile

Go to “User” and then “Your Profile

Here I am going to explain about the basic things which you can change for your profile.


1. Disabling the visual editor:- When you want to create a new post then you will get two options for it. One is “Visual” and other in “Text” or HTML version. Below is the screen which shows both “Visual” and “Text” tab.


If you put the tick on the check box “Disable the visual editor while writing”  and then click on “Update Profile” then you won’t be able to get the visual tab you will only have the text tab.

disablevisual22. Comment Moderation:- If you have many comments which you want to edit, delete, mark as spam then you may need keyboard shortcut for it. Put a tick on the check box “Enable keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation” and click on this link below to find out more about it.

How to use keyboard shortcut for comment moderation

After making changes then click on “Update Profile” at the end.

3. Changing the display name and details of your WordPress blog:-


You can change your “First Name” and “Last Name

Nick Name:- You can type whatever nick name which you want to display for your post. If you don’t type anything then your email address will be displayed as the author of the post.

In addition you can fill your website name, yahoo messenger Id, Google talk id.

After making all the changes then click on “Update Profile” at the end of the page.

4. Changing the password for your WordPress blog:-

changingpasswordNow type the new password in the “New Password box” and then again retype it. and then click on “Update Profile‘ at the end of the page.  Click on the link below to learn more for changing the password for the WordPress site.

How to change the password for the WordPress blog