YouTube is the second most used searched engine and the number one website to view videos files online. Now whenever you create a google account then you automatically have a YouTube and Google plus+ account. You may upload video to your YouTube account as it is free of charge. Now later on if you don’t want to have those videos then you can delete it from your YouTube account. Remember when you delete your YouTube account then all the comments, uploaded videos and subscribers will be deleted.

Let us start the process of deleting data from YouTube account permanently.

1. Log into this website from your browser.

deleteyoutubeaccount2. Click on “Sign in” button.


3. You need to enter your Google id and password and then log into your Google account.

deleteyoutubeaccount34. You will get your Google account setting page as show above.

5. Click on “Delete your account or services“.


6. Click on “Delete products“.

7. Again you need to enter password for your Google account.


8. Now if you want to download and save data for YouTube account, click onĀ  “Download Data“.

9. If not then click on the “delete icon” on the right of YouTube.


10. You can see a warning message which says that you are about to delete YouTube content for your Google account. Click on the drop-down arrow to expand.


11. Now select the check boxes which informs you that whatever number of playlist, subscribers, videos etc is there for your YouTube account it will be deleted where as your Google+ data won’t be deleted unless you delete your Google+ profile.

12. After making selection, click on “Delete my Content“.


13. Enter your Google account id to confirm and then click on “Delete my content“.

deleteyoutubeaccount914. You will get a message that You’ve successfully deleted your content from YouTube account.