If you are facing internet connection problem then you can enable and disable network adapter for removing internet connection problem. You may find that even if you have Wi-Fi but your Wi-Fi signal shows disconnected signal.


In this case the first thing you do is to check whether all the wires are properly fixed to the Wireless router.

Then the next thing is to check whether the Wi-Fi password is changed without your notice.

If everything is ok then you disable and enable the network adapter.

  • Right Click on the wireless network icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • Select “Open Network and Sharing center”.
  • Click on “Change Adapter Settings”.


  • Right click on your “Wireless network icon”.


  • Select “Disable” at first.
  • The Wireless network icon fades.
  • Again right-click on it and select “Enable


The Network adapter gets enable and you should be able to see the internet connection again.