Cortana is a voice controlled virtual assistant for Microsoft windows. Cortana uses Bing search engine to make personalized recommendation.

If you don’t want cortana then you can disable it in two ways by using registry or group policy editor.

Disable cortana by using registry

1. Press “Widows and R” button on the keyboard to open the run dialog box.

2. Type “regedit” and open registry editor. You need to be logged in as an administrator.


3. Navigate to this location


4. Right click on “Windows” folder and select “New” – “Key” and rename it as “Windows Search“.

disable cortana

5. Right click on “Windows Search” folder. Select “New” and then “DWORD (32-bit) Value” if you have 32 bit windows.

disable cortana

6. Rename the value as “AllowCortana“.

disable cortana

7. The value of the key “AllowCortana” is automatically set to “0 (zero)“.

8. Now restart the system and you won’t be able to see the cortana.

9. If you want to bring back the cortana then you need to either delete the whole “Windows Search” folder or else you can set the value of “AllowCortana” to “1“.

10. In order to change the value of keyword “AllowCortana” to “1“, you need to double click on “AllowCortana” and then you will get a box to input the value.

disable cortana

Disable Cortana using group policy

1. Press “Windows” and “R” button on the keyboard to open “run” dialog box.

disable cortana group policy

2. Expand “Computer Configuration” – “Administrative Templates” – “Windows Components“.

3. Look for “Search“.

4. On the right you will see “Allow Cortana“.

disable cortana group policy

5. Double click on “Allow Cortana“.

6. Now select “Disabled” option.

disable cortana group policy

7. Click on “Apply” and then on “OK“.