Do you want to download all the emails from a particular address whether it may be from a yahoo, Gmail, outlook or so on?

Then you can do it. You don’t need to open all the emails and download one by one. You can use an application to download all of them together. Moreover you can apply filters so that you can download what you want only.

You can use a software named as “Mail attachment downloader

You can download the software for free from ““. Install and run the software then you will get the following screen.

Enter the email address of which messages you want to download and then enter the password. Then click on “Folder/Files” tab.


Now you have two options, under “Folders to search” , you have two options either you can select “Inbox only” which will download all messages from the “Inbox” or else you can select “Selected Folders” which will download messages from a particular folder of “Inbox“. In every mail services you can create a separate folder for every email address so that all the emails coming from a particular address will be stored in a particular folder.

mailattachment2Now if you want to apply more filter then click on to “Advanced Filters” tab.

mailattachment3Here you can filter with dates, from which date to which date you want to download the mail, also you can enter the email address of which email you want to download. After making all of these necessary filter then you can click on “Connect and Download” and your mail will be downloaded.

Note:- If you don’t see any download then make sure your email address and password is correct and also check for the filters you have applied.