Download and covert videos from YouTube

Do you download videos from YouTube and then look for converter tools? I bet you have done this at some point of time. It takes time for you to do these two things separately. At first you will download and then you convert, so it takes time. Then why not download and convert videos from YouTube at the same time.

There are different ways to do this. You may do this by using third party applications like Real Player, YouTube downloader etc. But in this article I am going to show my way and this is by using a Firefox Addon called “Video downloader“.

Open the website ““.

Now search for “Video downloader addons for firefox“.

videodownloaderNow select the top one from the search result and install the addon. The add on looks like the picture below.


Click on “Add to Firefox” button and the add on will be installed and you will be asked to restart the browser.

After restarting the browser go to YouTube page and play the video you want to download. Once you play just look at the upper right corner of the address bar where you will see video downloader icon rotating.

videodownloadericonAnd on the right side of the video downloader icon you will see a drop down button. Click on it.

videodownloaer2Now you will be able to see the name of the video and the different formats in which you can save. Just choose the format you want.

You will be asked where to save the video i.e in Desktop, C: , D: drive or any other removable media.

videodownlaoder3After selecting the location, click on “Save” button and your video starts downloading.

videodownloader3You can see the video downloading in the progress.

This is how you can download and convert videos from YouTube at the same time.