youtube2Do you want to download and convert youtube videos in an easy way. Then you have come to the right place. You can use “Video DownloaderHelp” firefox extension for this purpose.

Google search “Video DownloaderHelp” extension and install it. You will notice a small icon like this videodownladericon.

Open any video you want to download and play it. Now you will notice that the “video downloaderhelp” icon starts to spin.

C lick on the dropdown button next to the video downloaderhlep icon and you will get the menu as shown below.


Select which format you want .mp4, .flv, .3gp and select “Download & Convert” if you want to download and convert or “Download” or “Quick Download” if you want to download only.

If you selected “[” then you will get a box to select the converter options. In the example below it shows (WMV) windows media player. It selects itself by default.

converterClick on “OK”. Then you will get a dialog box saving the video to the desired location and you can rename the video if you like.


Click on “Save“. Now if you have already installed converter software your video automatically starts to download and convert otherwise you will get the following message.

converter3Click on “OK“. Now click on “Install/Update converter” and you will be redirected to a page where you can download the video converter software. Download and install it.


Now again select the format and click on “Download and Convert“. Now your youtube videos downloads and converts automatically.