1. By using Image search site 

By using Google

Using Google image you can find out hundreds of High definition nature or any category of wallpapers. You get both free and copyright images. If you want to use and share the wallpaper among your friends then you can search for free images which you can use commercially also.

Go to this website:

For this article I will type “nature wallpaper” in the search box.

nature wallpaper

Click on “Search” icon.

Now you will get hundreds of results. We want to search for free images which we can use.

Click on the “Gear” icon and then click on “Advanced search”.

nature wallpaper

You have different filters to apply such as the “image size”, “image type” whether you want wide, panoramic image, whether you want to have a wallpaper of a fixed size.  You can play with it.

The important thing for us here is “usage rights”.

Click on drop down menu and select “Free to use, share or modify, even commercially”.

nature wallpaper

Then click on “Advanced search”.

Now you will get all the free wallpaper which you can use.

Open the picture you want to save.

Right click on it.

Select “Save image As”.

nature wallpaper

Give a file name and select the location where you want to save it.

Click on “save button”.

By using Flickr

Go this site:

Type “nature wallpaper” in the search box and then click on “Search” icon.

nature wallpaper

You will get wallpapers of nature but here also you get free and copyright images.

For finding out free images, click on “Advanced Search”.

nature wallpaper

Scroll down and look for “Creative Comments”.

Select the check box for “Only search within Creative Common licensed-content “,”Find content to use commercially”, “Find content to modify, adapt, or build upon”.

nature wallpaper

Click on “Search” button.

You will get the photos.

Open the wallpaper which you want to download.

On the lower right corner you can see a download button.

Click on it.

nature wallpaper

You can select the available resolution.

And the wallpaper starts to download.


2. By using Third party software

You can use a third-party software such as “Wallarc Free HD Wallpaper software” which you can download from this link.

Download and install the software.

Your Google chrome browser may tell you as a malicious file. But you can download it.

When the programs open you have two box one for “size” and the other for “keywords”.

 nature wallpaper

Click on the size drop down menu to find out different resolution of the wallpaper.

 nature wallpaper

In the keyword box type “nature” to find out nature wallpaper. If you want to find out for Christmas type, “Christmas” and click for “search” button.

You will get the result.

Open the image you want to download by clicking on it.

If you want to save the image to use as a wallpaper, right click on it.

Click on “save Picture As”.

nature wallpaper

You can give a file name and select the location where you want to save the file.

This is how you can search and download nature wallpaper for free.