Do you have important SMS which needs to be backed up for future reference?

If yes then you can extract SMS from iPhone and save it to a PC for backup.

You can download a software “Touch copy” from

You can have the trail software. For full service you have to purchase it at $29.99 and install in three computers.

After install the software run it.

Now you need to connect your iPhone to the computer. Touch copy will detect the iPhone connected to your computer.


Once “Touch copy” finishes detecting your iPhone then click on the “Message” icon on the left side.


Now you click on the contact on the left side whose SMS you want to back up to a PC. You will see all the SMS sent from that contact.

touch copy

Now click on “Copy Selected conversations” button.

Now all the SMS from that contact will be saved to the “Desktop” which is the default location. If you want to change the location of SMS to be saved then click on “options” at the top right corner.


You can click on “Browse” button and select the location where you want to save the SMS.

Then click on “OK.”

This is how you can extract SMS from iPhone and save it to a PC.