An easy way to find whether a hardware is working or not

Is your particular piece of hardware is giving trouble to you. It may not be working. So, how to find out whether it is working or not. It’s easy to find out.

Go to “Control Panel” and then click “Device manager“.

You will get the following box.


Click on any hardware device.

If there is any problem in the hardware device you will see the exclamation mark with yellow circle or a red cross mark in front of the device name.



What to do to solve the computer hardware problem?

The first thing is to find out whether the hardware is properly installed in the sytem.

e.g If you have a network card that fits to a PCI slot, find out whether it is properly installed or not. If the hardware gets connected to the USB, find out whether the USB cable is ok or the USB port is working or not.

The next thing is to check whether the particular hardware is compatible to your mother board or to the operating system. You can google search about the software and motherboard requirement for the partciular hardware.

The last thing is to check whether the correct driver is installed for the hardware device.

If you got the driver CD for the hardware, install the driver.

If you didn’t get the Driver CD, then you can search the driver for that particular hardware from the internet.

Generally all the popular hardware have website where you can find the driver for your operating sytem.

If this also didn’t work for you then may be the hardware itself is defective.

Click this link to find how to install the driver if you don’t know the manufacturer’s website.

How to install the driver without knowing the manufacturer’s name