Domain name server provides this name to the computer or devices which connect to the internet.  It consists of a client and a server. Every computer connected to the internet has an ip address assigned to the WiFi card or LAN card. Also the web address has an ip address. For example “” ip address is ““. Remember computer can understand only the IP address not the name of the website. So, if I hit “” address on the address bar of search engine then DNS server converts to the numeric ip address i.e “” and sends to your computer.

Now sometimes you may get a message than Domain Name server not responding issue while trying to access the internet. You can use the following three ways to solve this problem:

1. Restart the router

If you have used your Router continuously for long time and hasn’t switched off once, then you better switch it for sometime. Sometimes simply switching off and on correct many problem.

2. Using the command prompt to renew the IP address and DNS

Go to command prompt and type the following commands:

a. “ipconfig/flushdns

b. “ipconfig/registerdns

c. “ipfonfig/release

d. “ipconfig/renew

The above commands erases the old setting for the DNS server assigned to your computer and assigns the new one. Then restart the computer and try again.

3. Configure TCP/IP settings

Go to “control panel” and click on “Network and sharing center“.

dns server

Now click on the “Wireless Network” or “Local Area Network” depending upon which you have used to connect.

dns server

Click on “Properties” button.

Select “TCP/IPv4” and again click on “Properties” button.

dns server

Select “Obtain IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server automatically”.

dns server

This should resolve your DNS server problem.