OK you have created a blog and you have written 10 – 20 articles. Now what after that. You may be struggling hard to find the topics for your blog.

What can you do so that you will not face difficulty finding the topics for your blog?

One idea which you can do is to always carry a notebook along with you so that whenever an idea strikes your mind you can note it down. We tend to forget very easily. So make your life easy, take a note and a pen and write down the topics.


Make the habit of reading newspaper or articles about your niche everyday. You will certainly find topics which you can expand.


Read blogs about your niche. You will certainly find topics which you can explain more clearly. You may disagree with their points. Explain why you disagree and this will help you establish yourself in your niche market.


Always keep yourself updated about the new development going within your niche market. Write about it. Give your honest opinions.


Visit to Question and Answer forums of your niche and note down what people are facing difficulties about. You can write a post to solve their problem.

So above are some of the ways to generate ideas for a blog.