Do you get lots of emails everyday which you have to check regular ? If yes then this article is for you. Suppose if you use Gmail then you need to check Gmail every now and then to find whether you have received new mails or not, unless you have installed Gmail application in your mobile phone. But with this Firefox extension you get email alerts if you receive any new mail . You don’t need to leave your current browsed window.

InstallĀ  “Gmail Notifier” extension for Firefox.

You don’t even need to restart your browser.

Once you install the extension then you should see the icon for Gmail Notifier on the right end of the address bar.

gmailnotifierNow click on the “Gmail Notifier” icon.

A new window will open and you need to enter the email id and the password for the Gmail address for which you want to receive the notification and sign in.


Now when someone sends you a mail in your email id you get a notification message as shown below.


I have found out that it may take around 4-5 minutes for you to receive the notification message when someone sends an email.

If you click on the notification then you can see the preview of the mail.


Now if you want to leave the computer then you need to log out of your Gmail account, unless you are the only person using the computer or you have a separate user account.

Click on the “G” icon.


Now you will go the inbox of your Gmail from where you can sign out.


This is how you can get email alerts for Gmail in Firebox browser.

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