What is a Taskbar?

Taskbar is the horizontal bar which is seen at the bottom of the screen by default. However, You can change the position of the taskbar as you wish. Taskbar has programs pinned to it and a start button in “Windows 7” and previous version as well as Windows 8.1 . Also you can see some icons on the notification tray at the lower right corner.

How to get the taskbar back if it disappears?

At first you need to check whether your taskbar is set to auto hide.  Move your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen. If your taskbar bar appears then it is set to auto hide.

How to disable auto hide taskbar?

Right click on the “Taskbar”.

Click on “Properties”.

Remove the tick mark from “Auto-hide the taskbar”.

taskbar hide


What If the taskbar is not set to Auto-hide and your Taskbar is missing

If your taskbar as well as all the desktop icons are missing then probably you have accidentally closed “exploer.exe” services.


You need to run “explorer.exe” service to get the taskbar and the desktop icons back.

Press “Ctr+Shift+Esc” to get Windows Task Manager.

Click on “New Task”.

taskbar hide

In the Open box type “explorer.exe”.


Click on “OK”.

You will get the taskbar and the desktop icons back.