Do you have any secret files and folders in a separate partition of a hard drive and do you want to hide it from others?

If you want to hide a hard drive partition then you can do with Windows in-built tool called “Disk Management“.

You can access to “Disk Management” from “Control Panel” – ” Administrative Tools“- “Computer Management“.

Click on “Disk Management“.






Now right-click on the partition which you want to hide.


Click on “Change Drive Letter and Paths” and you will get the following window.


Now select the drive which you want to hide and click on “Remove” button.

You will get a warning message that some of the programs which are installed on the partition may not function properly if you hide it. Example if you have installed any Microsoft Office program then it may not function. So, the drive which you want to hide should only have files and folders, not the program installed.


Click on “Yes” button and the drive will be hidden now.

If you double-click on “My Computer” icon on the desktop to check the partition, you won’t see it.


This is how you can hide a partition.

Now if you want to make the drive visible again then follow the below steps.

Go to “Disk Management” again.

Right click on the Drive which is hidden.

Click on “Change Drive Letter and Paths“.


Click on “Add” button.


Now on the right side of the dialog box you can see a drop down menu where you can click to assign a letter to the hidden drive.

After assigning the letter to the drive, Click on “OK” button. Now you will be able to see the hidden partition as as shown in the picture below.


This is how you hide a hard drive partition and show it without using any password.