Do you want to hide folders so that others won’t be able to see it? If yes than you can use a free software “Free Hide Folder“. You need to enter a password so that you can access the program to hide or show the folder.

You need to make sure that others use your computer as a Guest user or else they can uninstall the software.

1. Download the software from

2. Install the software and run it.

3. You need to enter the default password with which you can access the program.


4. Whenever you start the program you need to enter the same password.


5. Click on “Add” button.


6. Select the folder which you want to backup and then click on “OK”.


7. You will be suggested to back up the folder so that in case something happens to the system you can restore it.


8. Click on “Backup” button if you want.


9. You need to select the location and give the name for the backup file.

10. Click on “Save”.

11. Exit the application.

If you check you won’t be able to see the folder.

If you want to bring back the hidden folder, run the application.

1. Enter the password for the application.


2. Select the hidden folder and then click on “Unhide”.

You will see the folder again.