howtoHave you tired to install a driver but failed because you don’t the which hardware you have in your laptop. No worries.

You can do the following things.

If you are using laptop most probably you will have model number of the laptop somewhere in front or behind the laptop. Then you can go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and select the model number and the operating system. Then you will get the drivers for the laptop.

If you have a desktop computer assembled one then you can do either of the two things. Now a days windows 7 or windows 8 automatically installs the suitable driver for the hardware installed on the computer.

OR else you can use the help of the utilities software like “Drivermax

Download it from their website.

For using drive max you need to create an account first with a valid email address. Then you log in using the account. You get the two options for Drivermax. One is free and another is paid version. For free version you can download two drivers per day. You can do a trick for that you can create two three accounts and log in using different accounts to download more than two drivers.

The following are the screen shots for driver max.


Click on “Scan for updates now

Then you will get the list of drivers which are outdated and the option for downloading the latest version.


Click on download.

For free version may be you have to wait for few seconds to download the driver.

You can create more than one email address and register with drivermax. In this way you are able to download more than two drivers.

After download you can install it on your machine.

Hope you enjoyed this.