Would you like to integrate social media plugin like facebook, twitter or other icons to your blog. It is one of the most popular way to make visitors like and subscribe to your blogs. I would like to explain in very easy steps. Since I am not a programmer, I would like to use a plug in for this and I am using “Share this” plugin since I found it is easier to use.


First install “share this” plugin.

Then go to “Settings” and then to “Shrae this” and click on it.

Then you will get the following figure.




You can see an arrow on the both sides of the box at the top which you can click. By doing so you can get different styles of the social media plugin buttons. Select which you like.

You can include or exclude Facebook like, Google + etc buttons.

You can also choose “Multi-Post” or “Classic” version of the buttons.

Also you have an option for changing the order of the social buttons or mody list of the buttons.

If you don’t want any of the social media plugin button you can delete it too. Click on “Click to view/modify the HTML tags” to expand it.


If you want to delete any plugin button you need to delete open span tag to close span tag html tagĀ  for the plugin

eg:- For deleting facebook button delete the following tag

<span class=’st_facebook_buttons’ st_title='<?php the_title(); ?>’ st_url='<?php the_permalink(); ?>’ displayText=’facebook’></span>

The result of the social media plugin looks like the following.