No doubt Facebook is the most used social media in Today’s word. People use Facebook for different reasons. A common may uses Facebook for personal use; in touch to remain with his friends and relatives. A celebrity may use it to be in touch with their fans. A business organization may use it for promoting their products. To make the long story short, Facebook is used widely for different reasons.

What if you haven’t accessed your Facebook account for long time? May be you didn’t access it for 2-3 years. Now how can you be sure that your Facebook account still exist or not. If you still have your previous Facebook account then it is much better for you as you don’t need to send friend request again to your friends and families. So, let’s see how to find out whether there is Facebook account under your name or not.

For this you need to know either your email address, your phone number or your user name associated with the Facebook account.

If you know the password then enter the username and password for your Facebook account to log in.

But if you are not sure whether your username or password is correct or not then follow the steps below. Log into the website.

search facebook

1. Enter either your user name, phone number or email address and then click on “Search” button.

search facebook

2. If your username or the email address is correct then you get the option to reset your password.

3. If your email address or user name is incorrect then you will see a message that the search didn’t return any result and you need to provide another information.

search facebook