Yahoo mail still today is used widely by people to send mails. But there is always a problem of mails being hacked by hackers. So how to know if someone has hacked your yahoo mail.

There are few ways by which you can know if your account is hacked:-

  • You will see the emails being read without your notice. But hackers also can make the emails as unread.
  • The next thing is you will see subscription to different websites without your notice.
  • The third thing you can do is to see the log in activity

On the right corner click on the settings icon.

yahoomailClick on “Account info

Now you need to enter password to enter into your email account again.

Now you will get the following page.

yahoomail2Now under “Sign-in-Security“, click on “View your recent sign-in-activity“. You will see the date and time when your yahoo mail was logged in and the location. Below is the screenshot.

yahoomail3If you see unusual log in activity then you can be sure that your yahoo mail is hacked.

What to do in case your yahoo mail is hacked ?

The best thing is to change your password

Under “sign-in-security“, click on “change your password

Now you will get the following screenshot.

yahoomail4Now type the “current password” and enter the “new password” and “re-type new password“.

Now click on “Save”.

You can also change the password reset information for better security.

Under “sign-in-security“, click on “password reset-info” and you will get the following screenshot.


Now you can change “Email address“, “Mobile numbers” and “Secret Questions” for your yahoo mail account.

Now your yahoo mail is safe.