howtoEver wondered why your windows is loading very slow even though you have the latest hardware configuration in your laptop or computer. If so then I am here to help you. There are many reasons for that and some of them are listed below.

  • Your computer may be affected by virus.
  • There are other software which starts up while loading windows.
  • You have installed many unnecessary utilities software from the internet.
  • You have files scattered everywhere in your hard disk and there are many unnecessary files like temporary files, files in recycle bin which you no longer need.


  • First scan your computer with a good antivirus to find out whether your system is affected by virus and if so remove them with the antivirus.
  • Second make sure you remove unnecessary programs to start up when windows load. For that you can do the following steps.
    Click on the start button and type ‘msconfig‘ on the ‘search box‘ and press enter button on the keyboard.


Then the ‘msconfig‘ windows opens up.

Click on the ‘startup‘ tab. You can see programs which starts up when windows loads.


Note:- In Windows 8, you need to click on “Task manager” after clicking on “startup” tab

You can unchecked the programs which you don’t want to run automatically when windows loads and click on ‘apply‘ button. You will be asked to restart now or restart later. Select as you wish and the next time you switch on the computer I guarantee you that it will be lot faster than before.


Disk Defragment arranges your files in your computer so that your computer runs faster. Do the following steps.

  • Double click on ‘My computer‘ icon on desktop.
  • Right click on the drive which you want to defragmnet and click on ‘properties.’
  • Then the properties windows for the disk driver appears.


  • Clcik on “Tools”
  • Click on ‘Defragment now’.
  • The defragment window opens up.
  • Select the drive and click onĀ ‘Defragment Disk‘ button.


  • Now the disk defragment operation start and after finishing you can
  • close the dialog box.

DISK CLEANUP:- It cleans up unnecessary files from the computer.

  • Double click on ‘My Computer’ icon and ‘Right click’ on the drive which you want to clean up.
  • Click on “Properties”.
  • Select “General” tab and Click on ‘Disk Cleanup‘ button.


Then the disk clean up tool will start to calculate how much of space will be freed up after cleaning the system.



Put tick mark on the left side of the files which you want to delete and click on ‘OK

You will be asked whether you want to delete the files.

Click on ‘Delete files

Now your unnecessary files will be deleted from your system.