Do you want to quickly lock your computer screen with pattern based gesture as in Smartphones?

If  the answer is yes then you can do it in a very simple way by using a software called” Eusing Maze lock“. It a free software which you can download from this website

Download and install the software. When you run the software for the first time you will see the following screen, where the software will ask you to reset the pattern. The software comes with a default pattern which you need to reset.


Click on “OK” and you will see the default rest pattern.


You will see three button as above.

Reset Pattern” will allow you to create a new pattern.

Backup Pattern” will allow you to back up the reset pattern which you create and save in picture as “.bmp” format.

The other button allows you to select the size of the pattern. You will get three pattern “3×3”, “4×4”, “5×5”.

Now if you want to create your own pattern click on “Reset Pattern” button.

Now the previous pattern will disappear and you can create your own.

After creating the pattern click on “OK“. And you will be asked whether you want to back up the lock pattern in case you forget the pattern.


If you want then click on “Yes” otherwise click on “No“.

eusingmazelock5Now click on “OK”.

How to quickly lock the screen using eusing maze lock?

Click on the button as shown below on the notification area to pull out the icons on the notification area.

eusingmazelock6Then click on the “eusing maze lock ‘” icon to lock the computer.

How to reset the pattern ?eusingmazelock6

Now right-click on the “eusing maze lock” and click on “configure


You will get the following screen where you need to put the pattern.


After you draw the pattern you will get the screen as below.

eusingmazelock9Now repeat the process as above to create a new pattern.

So what to do if you forget the pattern?

If you forget the pattern, then you can reset the computer and start the windows by putting your usual windows password. Then navigate where you have backed up the picture of the pattern which you created when creating a new pattern.

That is how you lock your computer screen with pattern based gestures.